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Ransomware may be the be all and end all of digital doomsday but that doesn’t mean that you cannot fight fire with fire.  The hidden war that many businesses have no idea they are even part of, can play havoc with your computer systems and files.


Blocking, corrupting or even infecting invaluable data with malicious software, recovery can be as costly as the ransom itself.  In fact, Baltimore City government paid out $18 million as a result of ransomware attacks but the majority of that was on recovery.


With no limits to the ambition and audacity of attacks. The bigger the target, the bigger the damage and not to mention the recovery costs.  The attackers are always watching.


Although your IT teams may be the unsung heroes, they cannot do it all!  Step up your cyber protection. Invest in regular training for all your staff and harness the power of AI.


With Acronis Cyber Backup, your system can maintain vigilance, anticipate, and act proactively, not just reactively. Working alongside Acronis Notary, which attaches a cryptographic ‘fingerprint’ hash to each file, using Blockchain technology to prove that a file has not been altered since it was last backed up – together they become an anti-ransomware killer combo.


Talk to us about Acronis Cyber Backup & Acronis Notary – one of, if not the most effective and reliable ransomware protection technology on the market. 

Shutting down the ransomware with metal gates

You’ve seen the ruins, awed by the films and may have even touched the materials but how can you translate forts with cyber protection and is there such a thing?

Storms, tornadoes, hurricanes…. worse…digital doomsday in one click of a button

Digital doomsday, AI madness, Robots replacing humans? Sound like an 80s sci-fi film?

Ransomware everywhere and beyond

We hear it, we read it, we see it and (hopefully not), we experience it. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Q&A Inside the tech set-up at ROKiT Williams Racing

Graeme Hackland, chief information officer of the ROKiT Williams Racing team, opens up on biometrics, quantum computing and the dangers of running a motor racing team on data.

Cyber protection professionals will you please stand up

Cyber protection professionals will you please stand up

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