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Q - What does Acronis do for you?


A- Acronis provides us with cyber protection and takes care of our backups. There are three benefits. First, backups are done through the cloud, which is a huge advancement from our old set-up. It doesn’t matter how much data we generate, it is all stored off-site at a UK datacentre. Second is the speed. We are able to restore in minutes. It used to take hours or days to restore, which wasn’t good enough for an F1 team. Finally, there is AI-assisted malware protection. If a ransomware hacker targeted us again, Acronis’ AI would detect it and block the intrusion. Even if the Acronis AI hasn’t seen that precise type of attack before, it can identify threatening behaviour and intervene. Working with Acronis means our backups are protected, so we are safe from ransomware attacks and other threats.


Q- What’s the next big thing in F1?


A - Augmented reality could be huge. Can you imagine an engineer who normally sits in our base looking at images, putting on a headset and being able to look at the car at the track? That could be massive. And quantum computing has potential. We crunch a lot of data together, from computation fluid dynamics, driver simulator data and wind tunnel data. Quantum computing can help us do it more quickly. But right now it’s immature and so expensive. But I hope it will be viable in three to five years. For a race team like us, who are so dependent on data, anything that gives us an edge is tremendously exciting.


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Shutting down the ransomware with metal gates

You’ve seen the ruins, awed by the films and may have even touched the materials but how can you translate forts with cyber protection and is there such a thing?

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GDPR may have been in full swing for over a year now but could you say with absolute certainty that your data is wholly compliant? Would you be willing to bet 72 hours on that?

Ransomware everywhere and beyond

We hear it, we read it, we see it and (hopefully not), we experience it. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Hacking their way into your business but clawing back through the response

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Q&A Inside the tech set-up at ROKiT Williams Racing

Graeme Hackland, chief information officer of the ROKiT Williams Racing team, opens up on biometrics, quantum computing and the dangers of running a motor racing team on data.

Intelligent software and smarter cyber-attacks

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Evading operational shutdown with instant recovery of seconds

One minute you’re working towards a three-hour deadline and the next minute there’s been a computer shutdown

Every endpoint is a launch pad for a cyber-attack

The 1980’s may have introduced us to hover boards, toys that could interact and the idea that technology is watching us at all times

Minimizing digital devastation with intelligent technology

Technology advances, digital innovation and increased sophistication of criminal activity has exposed businesses to intelligent cyber invasion

Destroy ransomware before it gets you first!

Ransomware is that nasty bug you never want to encounter! Set on encrypting data and then making you pay

Cyber protection professionals will you please stand up

Cyber protection professionals will you please stand up

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